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Q and ASome people are confused, even worried, about agri-food regulatory compliance requirements. Some of the questions we hear are:

Are we compliant? Do we risk enforcement action?  Where can we get our label reviewed and translated?  How do we calculate ppm?

Other people seek information and advice to guide business development decisions, such as market assessments, in which case we are posed with questions such as:

How does one measure market potential? How can we transform market potential into market demand for our product? What are the types of feasibility and how is each one measured? How will the new regulations effect my market share?

If you have asked or been asked these and similar questions, you've come to the right place.  See our list of business development services below:

Core Services:

Canada, USA US, EU EU

Pre-commercialization(before market launch): novel ingredients, novel fibres, food additives, GRAS notifications, health claims, infant formula, dietary supplements, natural health products, and animal feed supplements, pesticides.


Post-commercialization(in the market): food labels including nutrition facts tables, ingredient statements, claims, translation.


Warehouse audits: as required for tightly-regulated foods such as infant formula.

Multi-jurisdictional regulatory comparisons, impact analysis and harmonization options.


Market potential assessments, specializing in tightly-regulated foods such as infant formula, human milk supplements and meal replacements.


Expert witness and testimonial experience.

Publicly available and privately-offered seminars, customized in-house workshops, proprietary training tools.


Specializing in Commercialization ventures

Microsoft Project® proficient

Project vigilance and sponsorship from concept, to bench trials, to pilot project, to scale up.


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