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“Store Wars” – the theme for the 2018 Food Fax series – provides an overview of the ever-shifting consumer access to food for purchase, and, the shifting dynamics of grocery – both retail and e-tail.  

The Q1 issue will take a peek at the sector we have dubbed “grocer-e”, in particular the indisputable influence of Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market on the grocery retail sector. The Q2 issue will review emerging identity technology, such as QR codes and barcodes, and the role they play in not only revealing the contents of a labelled food, but as well, their application to logistics and distribution. Q3 Food Fax will address the incoming GM-food labelling in the USA, particularly the results of the USDA’s research regarding consumer understanding and acceptance of four proposed GM-food label information concepts. Included will be the results of Health Canada’s consumer research regarding GM-food ingredients and GM-labelling. Finally, the Q4 issue will address the continual rise of EMA (Economically Motivated Adulteration), aka “food fraud”, and examples of new regulations to clamp down on this growing threat to the global food supply.

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