Industry Reports

The journey towards safe food for Canadians
Canada's proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations were published in Canada Gazette Part I early this year. The SFCR will profoundly effect the scope of food safety enforcement in Canada, and pose an equally fundamental change to food safety regulatory compliance by all stakeholders, including major trading partners.
Written by Carol T. Culhane, P.H.Ec. (Published in NOC Winter 2017)

The Court of public opinion
Here is a story of on-pack claims under scrutiny.
Written by Carol T. Culhane, P.H.Ec. (Published in Baker's Journal)

Food Allergen Labelling New Legislation in Canada

The Nature and Magnitude of Economic, Business and Market Value Activity Generated by Health Claims along the Agriculture and Agri-Food Value Chain

Regulatory Impact Assessment of Farm Income in the Canadian Horticultural Sector


Holes in Whole Wheat and Whole Grain
written by Carol T. Culhane, P.H.Ec.  for OHEA (Ontario Home Economics Association)

Saying No to Low Carb
written by Carol T. Culhane, P.H.Ec. (Published in Baker's Journal)

Juggling Act: Keeping up with Government Mandated Health Priorities

Supersize Me: 

Functional foods:  New perspectives:  A functional food symposium, Food Tec '01

CITT - Study on the Potential Market For Dairy Product Blends Outside the Coverage of Canada's Tariff-rate Quotas

The Task of Genetic Engineering and the Promise of Nutraceuticals (published in Canadian Chemical News)
Nutraceuticals/Functional Foods: An Exploratory Study of Canada's Potential
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition