Agri-food regulatory compliance


Our unique approach

As with all our work, we pursue a holistic approach to all regulatory audits, striking a balance that is compliant with the pertinent legislation while supporting the desired marketplace position of the product.

Our skill set

1. Regulator pre-market submissions and notifications:

Novel food, novel dietary fibre, health claims on food, food additives, food ingredients, food colours, GRAS notifications, novel packaging, market authorization permits, infant formula, animal feed supplements

2. Label creation, audit & remedial services:

Food Labels, Websites, Advertising

  • Creation or audit of food labels, sell sheets, advertising and websites
  • Compliance of proposed claims and statements (wording of claim and substantiation)
  • Identification of overlooked claims
  • Nutrition Facts Table (Cda), Nutrition Facts Label (USA), Supplement Facts Label (USA) and Nutrition Labelling (EU) creation and review
  • Accurate provision of mandatory and voluntary information
  • Accurate and speedy French translation

3. Beyond food labels

Our 25 years+ experience has had us respond to calls to create labels outside packaged food, such as:

Consumer paper products, consumer home appliances, dietary supplements, NHPs, animal feed supplements, industrial sanitizing agents, and more recently, toys

4. Participation in Government-agency led consultations in Canada and the USA:

Since the inception of our company 25 years ago, we have participated in several Government-agency consultations, the more recent of which are highlighted below.



  • Labelling of gluten-free foods
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