Project management and project lead

Almost every phase of the creation of a processed food is subject to regulations. In our role as regulatory compliance advisor, we often become involved in one or more of these crucial phases. In some cases, we have been asked to take on the role of project lead, owing to the breadth and depth of our experience, and, as observed by our clients, our leadership skills. Below is a short description of some projects where we have assumed the position of project lead:

  • Entrepreneurial Processor (current): Fortified beverage – project lead on commercialization from bench to pilot plant trial to scale up. Includes product
    development, sensory, consumer research and regulatory compliance.
  • Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association (2018): Maple syrup bottling facility feasibility study – led a team and liaised with the OMSPA steering committee to address this concept and deliver an action-studied report, complete with a four-page high-profile iconograph.
  • Grain Millers USA (2007-2009): Project lead on securing dietary fibre regulatory approval from Health Canada. Included human clinical laxation trial, data analysis, creation and submission of scientific dossier, liaison with Health Canada.
  • Girl Guides of Canada (2001): Girl Guide Cookies – directed the process by which this multi-million dollar fundraiser changed suppliers, after 40+ years with the incumbent baker.
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