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Food Fax – celebrating 23 years of publication in 2017!

The theme for the 2017 Food Fax series is "Spotlight: Food Labels", an insider's review of the many changes affecting nutrition and food labelling regulations, primarily in Canada and the USA, however, comparisons to food labels in jurisdictions such as the EU and Australia will also be provided.  We will delve into the role of various sources of influence such as scientific findings, consumer requirements and expectations, and practical limitations. 

The Q1 issue will allude to the manner in which food regulations are staking an ever growing claim to the food label patch, as the scope of mandatory food label information grows in both content, and, minimum font size. The Q2 edition will address mandatory traceability, a cornerstone of the incoming FSMA in the USA, and, the SFCR in Canada. Food labels are the last stop on an ingredient's journey (hopefully, a traceable journey), which in turn will make lot numbers on food labels a necessity, if not a practicality. Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA), aka "food fraud", will be covered in this Q2 issue. The Q3 issue will address mandatory GM-food labelling in the USA, slated to come into force in 2018, along with a review of the USDA's recent research regarding consumer understanding and acceptance of four proposed GM-food label information concepts. Also, Health Canada's recent consumer research regarding GM-food ingredients and labelling will be referenced. The Q4 issue will cover emerging identity technology, such as QR codes and barcodes, and the role they play in identifying the contents enveloped by a food label.
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