Assisting business ventures in the food, agriculture, dietary supplement and natural health product sectors for 31 years

1993-2024 — 31 years young and still going strong

We take this opportunity to thank our clients, colleagues and associates for the trust they continue to place in us, and look forward to many more years of growth and prosperity.

Core services

Agri-food regulatory compliance

Scientific training and business acumen prepare us to strategically align regulatory compliance with a product’s market position.

Regulatory impact studies and market assessments

We excel at assessing the market impact of market interventions, particularly products subject to tight regulatory control.

Training and professional development

IFFL President Carol T Culhane, is a Certified Trainer, equally adept at face-to-face seminars as the newly popular webinar.

Project management and project lead

Our multi-functional background (operations, quality assurance, regulatory, marketing and sales), our broad sector experience (institutional foodservice, QSR, multinational and local manufacturing, retail, ingredients) and our leadership and strategic skills ideally qualify us to liaise with or lead multi-functional teams in complex projects.

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Edible cannabis in Canada regulatory compliance

Pre-commercialization (during product development) and Quality Assurance compliance, NNCP (Notice of New Cannabis Product) filing, post-commercialization (after product launch) and beyond the label.

Q & A

Some people are confused, even worried, about agri-food regulatory compliance requirements. Some of the questions we hear are:

  • Are we compliant?
  • Do we risk enforcement action?
  • Where can we get our label reviewed and translated?
  • How do we calculate ppm?

Other people seek information and advice to guide business development decisions, such as market assessments, in which case we are posed with questions such as:

  • How does one measure market potential?
  • How can we transform market potential into market demand for our product?
  • What are the types of feasibility and how is each one measured?
  • How will the new regulations effect our market share?

If you have asked or been asked these and similar questions, you’ve come to the right place.  See our list of business development services.