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There are no Canadian edibles in Santa’s bag of treats this year; stakeholders predict an Easter Bunny delivery.
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“Edible Cannabis in Canada” – the theme for the 2019 Food Fax series – provides an overview of the incoming legalization of cannabis edibles in Canada and prepares readers to ascertain the appropriateness of edible cannabis as a new product line for their business, or, a new element in their private lives.

Q1 Food Fax will identify the dominant inclusions and exclusions in Canada’s proposed edible cannabis regulations, and provide the URL to the online consultation which closed for input on February 20, 2019.

Q2 Food Fax will revisit the now finalized edible cannabis regulations in Canada, providing a top-line summary and select in-depth analysis.

Q3 Food Fax will address the current status of health benefits commonly associated with cannabis, focusing on the two characterizing components – CBD and THC – and distinguishing anecdotal evidence from clinical evaluation.

Q4 Food Fax will classify the major impediments to the commercialization of edible cannabis in Canada, and offer practical solutions.

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