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Lab-grown meat first emerged from the test-tube and petri-dish workshop in 2013, when Dr. Mark Post of Maastricht University in the Netherlands introduced his € 250k (not a typo) hamburger to a private audience in London, UK. His production costs have dropped significantly since then, but not to the point of making a viable business case. Others have taken up that banner, intent on generating cell-cultivated food and a profit at the same time. This Part 4 of 4 of Protein Wars attempts to summarize the many wins and challenges of this new source of dietary protein, knowing that the story will continue as this sector learns and matures.
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The theme for Food Fax 2023 is “Protein Wars”.  The plant-based protein sector is not new.  Canada has had legislation governing the composition of meat and poultry analogs since 1977, and the composition of plant-based milk alternatives since 1997.  What was a steady plant-based niche market in the early 2000’s exploded into a vigorous market sector in year 2018.  Five years on, although the plant-based food sector continues to attract investors with money to capitalize and investment by food manufacturers of numerous sizes and interests, growing pains are evident.

Also biting at the heels of traditional protein sources is the up-and-coming cellular agriculture sector, in which laboratories replace abattoirs.  To date, the USA’s FDA has issued a notice of “No further questions” to two cell-based-chicken manufacturers regarding solely the safety of the products.  While government food agencies around the world have adequate legislation in place to assess the safety of the products of cellular agriculture, it is the labelling of these foods, particularly the product name, which is the major challenge ahead.

The four “Protein Wars” of Food Fax 2023 will touch on current challenges facing protein measurement – both quality and quantity.  The technical challenges facing plant protein isolation and incorporation into food formulas and food systems will be explored.  The emergence of cellular agriculture, its output to date, and the regulatory, marketing and business challenges ahead of the sector will be assessed.

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