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This issue of Food Fax focuses on the growing trend for BYC, or backyard chicken farming. Chickens are the most populous of the bird species, with 25 billion on earth, triple the number of humans (8 billion as of today). The practice of BYC brings respect and dignity to the species as well. “Chicken coops” is now a disparaging, passé term which never leaves the lips of poultry aficionados. The proper term is “poultry houses” for which one can buy designs, plans, equipment, construction services, insurance and more.
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The theme for Food Fax 2022 is “Care of food-producing animals”. The leader in this area of animal husbandry is the EU, as well as the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Norway. We will profile this leadership in a dedicated Food Fax edition later this year, highlighting how the societal value of animal care has spurred innovation, such as mobile abattoirs.

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