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Our services apply to the following jurisdictions:
Canada Canadian flag, USA American flag, EU European Union flag

Agri-food regulatory compliance

  • Pre-commercialization (before market launch): novel ingredients, novel fibres, food additives, GRAS notifications, health claims, infant formula, dietary supplements, natural health products, animal feed supplements, and pesticides.
  • Post-commercialization (in the market): composition and formula review for compliance; food labels including Nutrition Facts table, ingredient statement, claims, French and Spanish translation services.
  • Warehouse audits: as required for tightly-regulated foods such as infant formula.

Edible cannabis in Canada regulatory compliance THC

  • Pre-commercialization (during product development): formula and composition review and audit, recommended remedial steps; documentation required to initiate and support production; liaison with contracted 3PM (Third Party Manufacturer) Quality Assurance.
  • NNCP (Notice of New Cannabis Product) filing: complete label copy review, including mandatory label copy such as CBD & THC content, Nutrition Facts table, ingredient statement; review of claims and substantiation; translation services.
  • Post-commercialization (after product launch) and beyond the label: review of edible cannabis website copy for compliance with the Cannabis Regulations; regulatory review of any label revisions.

Regulatory impact studies and market assessments

  • Multi-jurisdictional regulatory comparisons, impact analysis and harmonization options.
  • Market potential assessments, specializing in tightly-regulated foods such as infant formula, nutrition supplements and meal replacements.
  • Expert witness and testimonial experience.

Training and professional development

  • Publicly available and privately-offered seminars, customized in-house workshops, proprietary training tools.

Project management and project lead

  • Specializing in commercialization ventures
  • Project vigilance and leadership from concept, to bench trials, to pilot project, to scale up, to market launch and beyond.

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